Backporting streaming and enum changes

Richard Biener
Thu Aug 6 14:39:39 GMT 2020

On Thu, 6 Aug 2020, Jan Hubicka wrote:

> Hello,
> as discussed some time ago, I would like to discuss possibility to
> backport the straming and enum improvements.  The motivation is that
> this brings quite noticeable improvements to builds of very large
> projects where we currently have nonlinearity problem with anonymous
> namespaces (which is solved by first set of patches) and also there is
> quite noticeable overhead of streaming of enums that I noticed too late
> for gcc 10.1. This is the second combine dpatch.
> There is also noticeable reduction of .o files (especially before
> compression as hit to WPA->ltrans streaming) and some memory use
> benefits.
> This is an optional thing to do, but I believe it may be helpful for
> distro builds and those using LTO for large projects.  
> For firefox the reduction in global stream (that is slowest part of WPA)
> is from 25678391 tree bodies to 20821629, 11160520 SCC hash collisions
> to 6002. 392382523 overal section size to 287891470 (both is
> compressed).
> For Firefox streaming is under control, but other projects like Chromium
> hits bigger issues. The reason is that Firefox has "unified build" that
> #includes multiple cpp sources to one, so it consists of only about 8k
> source files, while chromium is over 25k and it was tested on project
> with over 250k sources. More smaller sources one gets, the more
> noticeable bottleneck streaming become.
> The patches are not completely trivial, but they affect code that is
> heavily executed during streaming and was in mainline for several
> months, so I hope they are safe.

So we've built the core of openSUSE (~3000 packages) on x86_64
and i586 with these backported and sofar found no issues.

I'm fine with backporting but I'll give Jakub the chance to

Honza - please make sure to bump the LTO stream version minor
together with the streaming change (I think the enum change
doesn't require bumping).


> Honza

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