[PATCH 0/2] decouple adjust_range_from_scev from vr_values

Aldy Hernandez aldyh@redhat.com
Tue Aug 4 11:54:59 GMT 2020

The goal here is to disassociate adjust_range_from_scev from vr_values,
and value_range_equiv while we're at it.

We've already done something similar with simplify_using_ranges, where we
take in a "store" which is a class providing get_value_range().  Initially
we set it up to take a vr_values, but the ultimate purpose was to have
it work with either *vrp or the ranger.  As such, I have abstracted
out the get_value_range() method into its own abstract class from
which vr_values inherits, and provides said method.

As I did for the substitute_and_fold_engine, I future proofed
get_value_range so it takes a gimple statement.  This provides context for
the SSA being queried.  I purposely did not provide a default statement
of NULL, as I want each caller to pass a statement if available.

This patchset is divided in two: one patch to provide the additional
argument to get_value_range and one to do the ripping apart in
adjust_range_from_scev.  I will discuss the SCEV part in the relevant


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