[PATCH] [AVX512]For vector compare to mask register, UNSPEC is needed instead of comparison operator [PR96243]

Kirill Yukhin kirill.yukhin@gmail.com
Tue Aug 4 10:26:32 GMT 2020


On 20 июл 13:46, Hongtao Liu wrote:
> Hi:
>   For rtx like (eq:HI (V8SI 90) (V8SI 91)), cse will take it as a
> boolean value and try to do some optimization. But it is not true for
> vector compare, also other places in rtl passes hold the same
> assumption.
> Bootstrap is ok, regression test is ok for i386 backend.
> 2020-07-20  Hongtao Liu  <hongtao.liu@intel.com>
> gcc/
>         PR target/96226

Could you please clarify, how your patch relared to [1]?
I see from the bug that it describes perf issue w.r.t. scalar

Regards, Kirill Yukhin

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