[COMMITTED] Remove range_intersect, range_invert, and range_union.

Aldy Hernandez aldyh@redhat.com
Thu Nov 14 17:18:00 GMT 2019

range_intersect, range_union, and range_intersect are currently 
returning their results by value.  After Andrew's change, these should 
also return their results in an argument.  However, if we do this, the 
functions become superfluous since we have corresponding API methods 
with the same functionality:

-      r = range_intersect (op1, op2);
+      r = op1;
+      r.intersect (op2);

I have removed all 3 functions and have adjusted the code throughout.

Committed as mostly obvious, after having consulted with Andrew that it 
was these and not the range_true* ones as well that needed adjusting.

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