[PATCH][vect]PR92347: Don't overwrite safelen for epilogues

Andre Vieira (lists) andre.simoesdiasvieira@arm.com
Mon Nov 11 18:12:00 GMT 2019


After during my investigation into the first testcase in PR92347 I 
noticed that the ICE was arising because the vectorizer was under the 
assumption it knew how to vectorize the zp call for both the main and 
epilogues.  By the time it got to transform the epilogue 
vectorizable_simd_clone_call would fail, leading to the eventual ICE. 
The reason was because the main loop's safelen was set to MAX_INT at 
time of analysis, but 0 for the epilogue at the time of its 
transformation.  This was because we were copying the loop's safelen to 
the epilogue after vectorizing the main loop and we set safelen to 0 
when we are done vectorizing.  This resulted in the epilogue always 
having safelen set to 0 at transformation time.

I believe its safe to assume that if the main loop can assume that it is 
safe to vectorize between 0 and safelen then so is the epilogue in this 

Bootstrapped x86_64 and aarch64 and ran libgomp.

Is this OK for trunk? (If approved can someone commit on my behalf as 
I'll be away for two weeks?)


2019-11-11  Andre Vieira  <andre.simoesdiasvieira@arm.com>

         * tree-vect-loop.c (vect_transform_loop): Don't overwrite epilogues
         safelen with 0.

2019-11-11  Andre Vieira  <andre.simoesdiasvieira@arm.com>

         * gcc.dg/vect/pr92347.c: New test.
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