[PATCH] OpenACC "present" subarrays: runtime API return value and unmapping fixes

Julian Brown julian@codesourcery.com
Sat Nov 9 01:07:00 GMT 2019


This patch fixes an issue I noticed when investigating an answer
for Thomas's question about device pointer return values in:


It looks to me like the return value for the present case is wrong in
the existing code: in case of a acc_pcopyin or similar call that refers
to a subarray of a larger block already mapped on the target, the
device pointer return value will be the start of the larger block, not
of the subarray being copied.

The attached patch corrects this issue, and also relaxes a restriction
on acc_delete, acc_copyout (etc.) to allow them to unmap/copyout
subarrays of a larger block already present on the target. There's no
particular reason to disallow that, as far as I can tell. This is
necessary to allow the new tests included with this patch to pass, and
a couple of existing "shouldfail" tests no longer fail, and have been
adjusted accordingly. It's still an error to try to copy data beyond
the bounds of a mapped block, and other existing tests cover those

The calculation for the return value for the non-present case of
present_create_copy has also been adjusted in anticipation of a new
version of the above-linked patch.

Tested with offloading to nvptx. OK for trunk?



	* oacc-mem.c (present_create_copy): Fix device pointer return value in
	case of "present" subarray.  Use tgt->tgt_start instead of tgt->to_free
	in non-present/create case.
	(delete_copyout): Change error condition to detect only copies outside
	of mapped block.  Adjust error message accordingly.
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/copyin-devptr-1.c: New test.
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/copyin-devptr-2.c: New test.
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/lib-20.c: Adjust expected error
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/lib-23.c: Likewise.
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/lib-22.c: Allow test to pass now.
	* testsuite/libgomp.oacc-c-c++-common/lib-30.c: Likewise.
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