[PATCH,RFC,V2 2/3] Add CTF command line options : -gtLEVEL

Indu Bhagat indu.bhagat@oracle.com
Wed Jun 19 23:02:00 GMT 2019

On 06/18/2019 12:24 PM, Bernhard Reutner-Fischer wrote:
> On 12 June 2019 20:00:09 CEST, Indu Bhagat<indu.bhagat@oracle.com>  wrote:
>> -gtLEVEL is used to request CTF debug information and also to specify
>> how much
>> CTF debug information.
> The option name is way too generic IMO.
> -gctfLEVEL or some such would at least  indicate its intended purpose, fwiw.
> thanks
I thought about this too. The prime reason for -gtLEVEL is consistency with the
DWARF debug info command line options.

For DWARF, we have -gdwarf-VERSION and -gLEVEL. Although GCC, at this time, will
generate only the most recent CTF version (CTF_VERSION_3 in <ctf.h>); I don't
know for sure if the compiler will need to support the CTF_VERSION_3 and higher
simultaneously in the future. If we do, then -gctf-VERSION and -gtLEVEL will be
the most palatable choice for generating Type debug information (Type, hence
the "t" in gt) of various versions.


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