[PATCH] [ARC] Fix PR89838

Claudiu Zissulescu Claudiu.Zissulescu@synopsys.com
Wed Jun 19 09:30:00 GMT 2019

Hi Jeff,

> OK.
 Thank you for your review.

> THe BZ mentions that this was found building a glibc test for ARC.  Is
> there a glibc port for the ARC?  I don't see one in the glibc git repo.
>  Are you aware of any plans to produce an official glibc port.

Indeed, we are in the process of upstreaming the glibc port for arc. However,  we hit a number of issues, one being this BZ, and other is the need to provide some ARC processor internals documentation. Once those items cleaned up, the arc glibc port will be public available upstream.

> I believe building glibc is a hell of a better sniff test than building
> newlib.  So if it's in the plan, I'd love to re-wire my tester to test
> with glibc rather than newlib on the ARC port.

I totally agree, we also have an uClibc-ng port which, as far as I know, is fully upstream. If I may ask, how do you test the ARC toolchain, do you use Synopsys free nSIM simulator?

Thank you,

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