[PATCH] add -Wmismatched-tags (PR 61339)

Martin Sebor msebor@gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 23:33:00 GMT 2019

On 12/4/19 4:37 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
> On 12/3/19 4:49 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
>> On 8/5/19 4:30 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
>>> On Mon, Aug 5, 2019 at 5:50 PM Martin Sebor <msebor@gmail.com> wrote:
>>>> On 8/5/19 1:25 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
>>>>> On 8/1/19 7:35 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
>>>>>> On 8/1/19 12:09 PM, Jason Merrill wrote:
>>>>>>> On 7/22/19 12:34 PM, Martin Sebor wrote:
>>>>>>>> Ping: https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2019-07/msg00622.html
>> ...
>>>>>>> -Wmismatched-tags is useful to have, given the MSVC/clang situation,
>>>>>>> but I wonder about memory consumption from all the record keeping.
>>>>>>> Do you have any overhead measurements?
>>>>>> I did think about the overhead but not knowing if the patch would
>>>>>> even be considered I didn't spend time optimizing it.
>>>>>> In an instrumented build of GCC with the patch I just did I have
>>>>>> collected the following stats for the number of elements in
>>>>>> the rec2loc hash table (for 998 files):
>>>>>>     rec2loc elements   locvec elements
>>>>>>     min:           0                 0
>>>>>>     max:       2,785             3,303
>>>>>>     mean:        537             1,043
>>>>>>     median:      526             1,080
>>>>>> The locvec data are based on totals for the whole hash table, so
>>>>>> in the worst case the hash_map has 2,785 elements, and the sum of
>>>>>> all locvec lengths in all those elements is 3,303.  Each rec2loc
>>>>>> element takes up 16 bytes, plus the size of the locvec data.
>>>>>> If my math is right (which doesn't happen too often) in the worst
>>>>>> case the bookkeeping overhead is 43KB for the hash_map plus on
>>>>>> the order of 140KB for the vectors (just doubling the number of
>>>>>> elements to account for capacity = 2 X size, times 24 for
>>>>>> the flag_func_loc_t element type).  So 183K in the worst case
>>>>>> in GCC.
>>>>> 183k cumulative over all the GCC sources doesn't sound excessive, 
>>>>> but...
>>>>>> There are a few ways to reduce that if it seems excessive.
>>>>>> One is by avoiding some waste in flag_func_loc_t which is
>>>>>>     pair<tag_types, pair<bool, pair<tree, location_t>>>
>>>>>> tree could come first and tag_types and the bool could share
>>>>>> space.  That should bring it down to 16 in LP64, for about
>>>>>> 30% off the 183K.
>>>>>> Beyond that, we could change the algorithm to discard records
>>>>>> for prior declarations after the first definition has been seen
>>>>>> (and any mismatches diagnosed).
>>>>>> We could also only collect one record for each definition
>>>>>> in system headers rather than one for every declaration and
>>>>>> reference.
>>>>> ...these all sound worthwhile.
>>>> Okay, I'll look into it.
>>>> To be clear: it was 183K maximum for a single compilation, not
>>>> aggregate for all of them.
>>> Aha.  Thanks.
>> Attached is a revised patch that implements just -Wmismatched-tags
>> without the other two warnings (-Wclass-not-pod and -Wstruct-is-pod).
>> It also implements the optimizations mentioned above.  To make it
>> easier to do the tag cleanup by simply dropping the class-key when
>> it isn't necessary (suggested during the review of the cleanup patch)
>> I added another warning: -Wredundant-tags to point out instances
>> where the class-key or enum-key can safely be dropped. Both warnings
>> are off by default.
>> With the optimizations in place, the biggest space overhead of
>> using the option I measured in a GCC build was 990 elements of
>> the record_to_locs_t hash table, plus 2756 elements of the locvec
>> vector.  In LP64, each record_to_locs_t element type is 16 bytes
>> and each element of the locvec vector is 24 bytes, so the maximum
>> space overhead is on the order of 80K.  The average overhead per
>> GCC translation unit was about 30K.
>> The patch depends on fixes for a few bugs in GCC hash_tables (PR
>> 92761 and 92762).  I will post those separately.
>> Martin
>> PS Independently of this patch I will propose updating the GCC
>> Coding Conventions to remove the guideline to use the struct
>> class-key for PODs and class for non-PODs:
>>    https://gcc.gnu.org/codingconventions.html#Class_Use
>> +class rec_decl_loc_t
> Let's use "class" instead of "record" generally in this patch.


>> +/* A mapping between a TYPE_DECL for a class and the rec_decl_loc_t
>> +   description above.  */
>> +typedef hash_map<tree, rec_decl_loc_t> record_to_locs_t;
> You might want to use hash_map<tree_decl_hash, rec_decl_loc_t> so you 
> get the decl-specific hash function rather than the generic pointer hash.


> It's hard to distinguish between this type and the previous one by name; 
> this one should probably have "map" in its name.
>> +static GTY (()) record_to_locs_t *rec2loc;
> ...
>> +    rec2loc = new record_to_locs_t ();
> If this isn't GC-allocated, marking it with GTY(()) seems wrong.  How do 
> you imagine this warning interacting with PCH?

I have to confess I know too little about PCH to have an idea how
it might interact.  Is there something you suggest I try testing?

>> +  /* A prior declaration of TYPE_DECL has been seen.  */
> The rest of this function from this point on seems like it would be 
> better as a member function of rec_decl_loc_t.
>> +static void
>> +diag_mismatched_tags (tree type_decl, rec_decl_loc_t &recloc)
> This could also be a member function.

I like that idea.  I've made more use of member functions in
the revised patch.  That let me make the implementation details
of the new class private.  (I'd like it even better if I could
move it into a file of its own, and avoid growing the already
sizable parser.c even more.)

>> +  if (rdl->idxdef < UINT_MAX && rdl->def_class_key == class_key)
> Maybe != rather than < ?
>> +@item -Wmismatched-tags @r{(C++ and Objective-C++ only)}
> The documentation of this flag should mention that the main reason 
> someone might want to use it is for compatibility with MSVC++, where 
> struct and class are improperly mangled differently.

I've added a sentence about the mangling.

Attached is the revised patch.

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