[0/4] Addressing modulo-scheduling bugs

Roman Zhuykov zhroma@ispras.ru
Fri Apr 26 16:41:00 GMT 2019

Hello, Jeff

> > As a freshly appointed maintainer I’m ready to commit my own
> > modulo-sched patches, but decide to ask here if there are any
> > objections.  Maybe I should ask any additional approval at this stage?
> > If no, I’ll start tomorrow with committing patches 1/4 and 2/4 which are
> > well-formed regression fixes.  Patch 3/4 doesn’t include test example,
> > and I don’t know how to add it there, so I am ready to postpone it to
> > stage 1.  Patch 4/4 is not solving a regression technically.
> >
> > First two patches can be also committed into 8 branch.  If no discussion
> > occurs,  I’ll commit them later this week, e.g. on friday.
> As a maintainer we trust you to make these decisions.  Though if you
> want guidance, mine would have been to go with #1 and #2 immediately and
> postpone #3 and #4 for gcc-10.  THat appears to be precisely what you've
> done.

Thanks! I was afraid a bit to make something wrong in soon-frozing code.
Certainly Alex and Andrey help me with my first maintainter steps :)
Few minutes ago I've backported #1 and #2 into 8-branch as r270609.


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