[PATCH] Optimize sin(atan(x)), take 2

Giuliano Augusto Faulin Belinassi giuliano.belinassi@usp.br
Mon Sep 3 19:11:00 GMT 2018

Fixed the issues pointed by the previous discussions. Closes PR86829.

Adds substitution rules for sin(atan(x)) and cos(atan(x)), being
careful with overflow issues by constructing a assumed convergence
constant (see comment in real.c).

2018-09-03  Giuliano Belinassi <giuliano.belinassi@usp.br>

    * match.pd: add simplification rules to sin(atan(x)) and cos(atan(x)).
    * real.c: add code for assumed convergence constant to sin(atan(x)).
    * real.h: allows the added code from real.c to be called externally.
    * tree.c: add code for bulding nodes with the convergence constant.
    * tree.h: allows the added code from tree.c to be called externally.
    * sinatan-1.c: tests assumed convergence constant.
    * sinatan-2.c: tests simplification rule.
    * sinatan-3.c: likewise.

There seems to be no broken tests in trunk that are related to this
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