[patch] dwarf2out don't discriminate on dwarf version for advertising Ada

Olivier Hainque hainque@adacore.com
Sun Jun 10 07:27:00 GMT 2018

Hi Jakub,

> On 07 Jun 2018, at 10:36, Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com> wrote:

> The whole point of -gstrict-dwarf is that it doesn't allow any extensions,
> and DW_LANG_Ada83/DW_LANG_Ada95 only appeared in DWARF3.

Actually, according to


DW_LANG_Ada83 is dwarf-2 and DW_LANG_Ada95 is dwarf-3.

So what about the attached variant instead ? I can add test if needed.

Thanks in advance,

With Kind Regards,


2018-06-10  Olivier Hainque  <hainque@adacore.com>

        * dwarf2out.c (gen_compile_unit_die): fallout to DW_LANG_Ada83
        for Ada with strict dwarf2.

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