[ping] Change static chain to r11 on aarch64

Olivier Hainque hainque@adacore.com
Wed Dec 12 15:47:00 GMT 2018


Ping for part of the changes last proposed here:


Submitted separately as an attempt to facilitate the review

This piece is the change of static chain from r18 to r11.

Regression testing with languages=all on an aarch64-linux box
uncovered (various go related test failures) that libffi needs
a synchronized adjustment.

This is the updated version of the patch, so bootstrapped and
regression tested clean on aarch64-linux.

OK to commit ?

Thanks in advance!

With Kind Regards,


2018-12-12  Olivier Hainque  <hainque@adacore.com>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64.h (STATIC_CHAIN_REGNUM): Use R11 instead
	of R18.

	* gcc.dg/cwsc1.c: Expect r11 as the static chain on aarch64.

	* src/aarch64/sysv.S (ffi_call_SYSV): Expect r11 as the static chain.
	(ffi_go_closure_SYSV): Likewise.
	* testsuite/libffi.go/static-chain.h: Likewise.

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