avoid null ptr deref in cselib_record_sets

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@redhat.com
Wed Dec 5 06:50:00 GMT 2018

Jeff Law tells me h8300-elf fails gcc.c-torture/compile/pr49029.c
with -O2 -g -mint32 -mh.  This patch fixes it.

The problem is that strict low part handling in cselib_record_sets
assumes src_elt is not NULL.  That src_elt is taken from a strict low
part set, but it won't always have a src_elt to begin with.  In this
case, it's because src is a volatile MEM; we don't record values for

Although we could fix the problem by testing for a NULL src_elt before
creating the zero extends corresponding to strict low part sets of
formerly const0_rtx REGs, there's no point in recording the additional
set that we won't be able to use anyway.

We could still record that the whole register has a zero-extend of
the value stored in the narrower-mode strict low part of the register,
but is that of any use?  I guess not, but if we find otherwise, we can
change that later.

Jeff tested this with a cross compiler to h8300-elf, and several other
native and cross toolchains IIUC.  I'm regstrapping it myself on i686-
and x86_64-linux-gnu.  Ok to install?

for  gcc/ChangeLog

	* cselib.c (cselib_record_sets): Skip strict low part sets
	with NULL src_elt.
 gcc/cselib.c |    1 +
 1 file changed, 1 insertion(+)

diff --git a/gcc/cselib.c b/gcc/cselib.c
index 6d3a4078c689..4a68439455fd 100644
--- a/gcc/cselib.c
+++ b/gcc/cselib.c
@@ -2616,6 +2616,7 @@ cselib_record_sets (rtx_insn *insn)
 	 preserves the upper bits that di:SI=zero_extend(flags:CCNO<=0).  */
       scalar_int_mode mode;
       if (dest != orig
+	  && sets[i].src_elt
 	  && cselib_record_sets_hook
 	  && REG_P (dest)
 	  && HARD_REGISTER_P (dest)

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