[patch, fortran] PR39239 Warning about EQUIVALENCE and VOLATILE

Nicolas Koenig koenigni@student.ethz.ch
Tue Mar 14 20:17:00 GMT 2017

Hello everyone,

a simple patch to throw a warning if not all and not none of the 
equivalence objects are volatile. (And the according modification of 


Regression tested for:

GNU Fortran (GCC) 7.0.1 20170311 (experimental)


2017-03-13  Nicolas Koenig  <koenigni@student.ethz.ch>

                 PR fortran/39239
                 * resolve.c (resolve_equivalence): Warn if not either 
none or all equivalence objects are volatile
                 * gfortran.dg/volatile11.f90: Changed test to test for 
the new warning

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