i386-unknown-freebsd -> i586-unknown-freebsd (was: [Patch wwwdocs] Add aarch64-none-linux-gnu as a primary platform for GCC-7)

Gerald Pfeifer gerald@pfeifer.com
Sat Mar 4 16:40:00 GMT 2017

On Tue, 24 May 2016, Richard Biener wrote:
>> As Jeff noted, i386 actually is the "marketing" name used for the
>> platform, GCC has been defaulting to i486 for ages, and I upgraded
>> to i586 last year:
>>     2015-11-15  Gerald Pfeifer  <gerald@pfeifer.com>
>>         * config/i386/freebsd.h (SUBTARGET32_DEFAULT_CPU): Change to i586.
>>         Remove support for FreeBSD 5 and earlier.
> Can we update to a non-marketing name then, like i586-unknown-freebsd please?
> config.gcc accepts i[34567]86-*-freebsd*.  It at least confused me.

Sooo, I finally got to submitting the patch below to the config.guess 

When/if this has been accepted, is it okay to pull the latest config.guess
into GCC even at this stage of the release process?  (We're only looking
at this change and the addition of nsx-tandem compared to what we have
right now.)


2017-03-04  Gerald Pfeifer  <gerald@pfeifer.com>

	* config.guess (*:FreeBSD:*:*): Refactor CPU handling.
	Canonicalize i386-*-freebsd* to i586-*-freebsd*.

diff --git a/config.guess b/config.guess
index 1000e2b..180375c 100755
--- a/config.guess
+++ b/config.guess
@@ -837,10 +837,11 @@ EOF
 	UNAME_PROCESSOR=`/usr/bin/uname -p`
 	case ${UNAME_PROCESSOR} in
-		echo x86_64-unknown-freebsd`echo ${UNAME_RELEASE}|sed -e 's/[-(].*//'` ;;
-	    *)
-		echo ${UNAME_PROCESSOR}-unknown-freebsd`echo ${UNAME_RELEASE}|sed -e 's/[-(].*//'` ;;
+	        UNAME_PROCESSOR=x86_64 ;;
+	    i386)
+	echo ${UNAME_PROCESSOR}-unknown-freebsd`echo ${UNAME_RELEASE}|sed -e 's/[-(].*//'`
 	exit ;;
 	echo ${UNAME_MACHINE}-pc-cygwin

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