libgo patch committed: Update to Go1.8rc1

Lynn A. Boger
Tue Jan 17 16:10:00 GMT 2017

I think this is missing the update of the libgo version number.

- Lynn

On 01/13/2017 06:05 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> I committed a patch to libgo to update the library to the first
> release candidate of the upcoming Go 1.8 release.  This is a big
> update, mostly a straight copy of the code in the master Go library.
> I made the following changes to the Go frontend to correspond to
> changes in the runtime library:
> * Change map assignment to use mapassign and assign value directly.
> * Change string iteration to use decoderune, faster for ASCII strings.
> * Change makeslice to take int, and use makeslice64 for larger values.
> * Add new noverflow field to hmap struct used for maps.
> There are two known problems that I simply commented out of test code
> until they can be fixed:
> * Commented out test in go/types/sizes_test.go that doesn't compile.
> * Commented out reflect.TestStructOf test for padding after zero-sized field.
> As usual with these sorts of updates the patch is too large to send to
> the mailing list.  I've appended the changes to the gccgo-specific
> parts of the code.
> Bootstrapped and ran Go testsuite on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu.  I would not
> be terribly surprised if this breaks Solaris.  I'll try to check that
> out shortly.
> Ian
> gotools/ChangeLog:
> 2017-01-13  Ian Lance Taylor  <>
> Updates for Go 1.8rc1.
> * (go_cmd_go_files): Add bug.go.
> (s-zdefaultcc): Write defaultPkgConfig.

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