RFC [2/3] divmod transform v2 - override expand_divmod_libfunc for ARM port

Kyrill Tkachov kyrylo.tkachov@foss.arm.com
Fri Oct 28 07:52:00 GMT 2016

On 27/10/16 14:31, Prathamesh Kulkarni wrote:
> On 26 October 2016 at 18:51, Kyrill Tkachov <kyrylo.tkachov@foss.arm.com> wrote:
>> On 16/10/16 07:00, Prathamesh Kulkarni wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> This patch overrides expand_divmod_libfunc hook for ARM port.
>>> I separated the SImode tests into separate file from DImode tests
>>> because certain arm configs (cortex-15) have hardware div insn for
>>> SImode but not for DImode, and for that config we want SImode tests to
>>> be disabled but not DImode tests. The patch therefore has two
>>> target-effective checks: divmod and divmod_simode.
>>> Cross-tested on arm*-*-*.
>>> OK to commit ?
>> Looks ok to me, the implementation of the hook is straightforward though
>> I have a question.
>> arm_expand_divmod_libfunc is not supposed to ever be called for SImode
>> It asserts it rather than just failing the expansion in some way.
>> How does the midend know not to call TARGET_EXPAND_DIVMOD_LIBFUNC in that
>> case, does it
>> just check if the relevant sdiv optab is not available?
> Yes. The divmod transform isn't enabled if target supports hardware
> div in the same
> or wider mode even if divmod libfunc is available for the given mode.
>> If so, this is ok for trunk assuming a bootstrap and test run on
>> arm-none-linux-gnueabihf
>> shows no issues. Would be good to try one for --with-cpu=cortex-a15 and one
>> with a !TARGET_IDIV
>> target, say --with-cpu=cortex-a9.
> Bootstrap+tested on arm-linux-gnueabihf --with-cpu=cortex-a15 and
> --with-cpu=cortex-a9.
> Also cross-tested on arm*-*-*.
> OK to commit ?

Yes, thanks.

> Thanks,
> Prathamesh
>> Sorry for the delay.
>> Thanks,
>> Kyrill
>>> Thanks,
>>> Prathamesh

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