[PATCH], Allow SImode to go into VSX registers on PowerPC ISA 2.07 (power8) and above

Michael Meissner meissner@linux.vnet.ibm.com
Wed Oct 26 23:00:00 GMT 2016

I forgot to mention, I will be working on a follow-on patch to this that
enables QImode and HImode to go in the vector registers for ISA 3.0, since ISA
3.0 now adds load (with zero extend) and store instructions for those types.

I probably also will update vector extract for the case where the small
integers can go in vector registers.

After this, I plan to work on setting vector elements, which will be easier if
the small integer types can go in vector registers.

Michael Meissner, IBM
IBM, M/S 2506R, 550 King Street, Littleton, MA 01460-6245, USA
email: meissner@linux.vnet.ibm.com, phone: +1 (978) 899-4797

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