relax rule for flexible array members in 6.x (78039 - fails to compile glibc tests)

Martin Sebor
Fri Oct 21 23:48:00 GMT 2016

Bug 78039 complains that the fix for c++/71912 recently backported
to the GCC 6 branch causes GCC 6 to reject Glibc tests that expect
to be able to define structs with multiple flexible array members,
despite it violating the C standard(*).

The rejected code is unsafe and was intended to be rejected in 6.1
to begin with (i.e., it was a bug I had missed that the code wasn't
rejected in 6.1), and an alternate solution exists, so the backport
seemed appropriate to me.

However, it was pointed out to me that apparently there is a policy
or convention of not backporting to release branches bug fixes that
cause GCC to reject code that was previously accepted, even if the
code is invalid.

To comply with this policy the attached patch adjusts the backported
code to accept the invalid flexible array member with just a pedantic
warning (same as in C mode).  The patch also adds the tests that were
part of the fix for bug 71912 but that were accidentally left out of
the original backport.


[*] Bug 77650 discusses the background on this.

PS I checked the GCC Development Plan but couldn't find a mention
of this policy.  Since this seems like an important guarantee for
users to know about and for contributors to maintain I suggest to
update the document to reflect it.  If there is are no objections
I'll propose a separate change to mention it.
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