[PATCH] PR77985: DWARF: Emit DW_AT_comp_dir in all cases, even if source is an absolute path

Ximin Luo infinity0@pwned.gg
Fri Oct 21 10:56:00 GMT 2016

Richard Biener:
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:35 PM, Ximin Luo <infinity0@pwned.gg> wrote:
>> Thanks, I'll add the Changelog entry. My computer isn't very powerful, so I didn't bootstrap it yet, I only tested it on a stage1 compiler, on Debian testing/unstable. I'll find some time to bootstrap it and test it fully over the next few days.
>> Shall I also get rid of the Darwin force_at_comp_dir stuff? Looking into it a bit more, my patch basically obsoletes the need for this so I can delete that as well.
> That would be nice.


Attached is the ChangeLog plus updated patch, rebased against the 2016-10-16 snapshot. Also I noticed I got the wrong bug number, the correct one is 77985 not 77895.

I've tested it on a Debian testing/unstable x86_64-linux-gnu system. The results are good, the same tests fail both before and after the patch, and we have 2 new expected successes. Unfortunately I don't have access (and am unlikely to get access) to a Darwin system to test it on.

Snippets of the test logs are attached. The full logs are about 200MB each in size (4MB XZ-compressed, each) so I guessed I shouldn't send them via email... The snippets were grepped from the logs using the '^FAIL: \|^# of\|pr77985' pattern. You can diff them to check that the results are same in both cases.


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2016-10-18  Ximin Luo  <infinity0@pwned.gg>

	PR debug/77985
	* dwarf2out.c (file_table_relative_p): Remove.
	(gen_compile_unit_die, dwarf2out_early_finish): Emit DW_AT_comp_dir
	for absolute paths. As a consequence of this, PR 53453 (2012-05-29)
	is no longer necessary and therefore also reverted, as follows:
	* doc/tm.texi: Update.
	* doc/tm.texi.in (SDB and DWARF) <TARGET_FORCE_AT_COMP_DIR>: Remove @hook.
	* target.def (force_at_comp_dir): Remove hook.
	* config/darwin.h (TARGET_FORCE_AT_COMP_DIR): Remove define.
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