[PATCH, libgo]: Fix FAIL: time testsuite failure

Uros Bizjak ubizjak@gmail.com
Tue Oct 18 12:14:00 GMT 2016

On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 2:10 PM, Uros Bizjak <ubizjak@gmail.com> wrote:
> On Tue, Oct 18, 2016 at 11:19 AM, Uros Bizjak <ubizjak@gmail.com> wrote:
>> The name of Etc/GMT+1 timezone is "-01", as evident from:
>> $ TZ=Etc/GMT+1 date +%Z
>> -01
>> Attached patch fixes the testsuite failure.
> Forgot to say that the patch was tested with tzdata2016g on Fedora 24
> and CentOS 5.11.

FYI, tzdata2016g ChangLog says:

  Changes to past and future time zone abbreviations

    The Factory zone now uses the time zone abbreviation -00 instead
    of a long English-language string, as -00 is now the normal way to
    represent an undefined time zone.

    Several zones in Antarctica and the former Soviet Union, along
    with zones intended for ships at sea that cannot use POSIX TZ
    strings, now use numeric time zone abbreviations instead of
    invented or obsolete alphanumeric abbreviations.  The affected
    zones are Antarctica/Casey, Antarctica/Davis,
    Antarctica/DumontDUrville, Antarctica/Mawson, Antarctica/Rothera,
    Antarctica/Syowa, Antarctica/Troll, Antarctica/Vostok,
    Asia/Anadyr, Asia/Ashgabat, Asia/Baku, Asia/Bishkek, Asia/Chita,
    Asia/Dushanbe, Asia/Irkutsk, Asia/Kamchatka, Asia/Khandyga,
    Asia/Krasnoyarsk, Asia/Magadan, Asia/Omsk, Asia/Sakhalin,
    Asia/Samarkand, Asia/Srednekolymsk, Asia/Tashkent, Asia/Tbilisi,
    Asia/Ust-Nera, Asia/Vladivostok, Asia/Yakutsk, Asia/Yekaterinburg,
    Asia/Yerevan, Etc/GMT-14, Etc/GMT-13, Etc/GMT-12, Etc/GMT-11,
    Etc/GMT-10, Etc/GMT-9, Etc/GMT-8, Etc/GMT-7, Etc/GMT-6, Etc/GMT-5,
    Etc/GMT-4, Etc/GMT-3, Etc/GMT-2, Etc/GMT-1, Etc/GMT+1, Etc/GMT+2,
    Etc/GMT+3, Etc/GMT+4, Etc/GMT+5, Etc/GMT+6, Etc/GMT+7, Etc/GMT+8,
    Etc/GMT+9, Etc/GMT+10, Etc/GMT+11, Etc/GMT+12, Europe/Kaliningrad,
    Europe/Minsk, Europe/Samara, Europe/Volgograd, and
    Indian/Kerguelen.  For Europe/Moscow the invented abbreviation MSM
    was replaced by +05, whereas MSK and MSD were kept as they are not
    our invention and are widely used.


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