fix -fmax-errors & notes

Nathan Sidwell
Tue Oct 11 20:12:00 GMT 2016

On 10/11/16 16:07, David Malcolm wrote:

> This logic is running when the next diagnostic is about to be emitted.
> But what if the user has selected -Wfatal-errors and there's a single
> error and no further diagnostics?  Could this change the observable
> behavior?  (I'm trying to think of a case here, but failing).

good question.

I think both -Wfatal-errors and -fmax-errors=1 would now result in not emitting 
the 'compilation terminated' message (and similarly for any -fmax-errors=N with 
exactly N errors.   Perhaps this is worth worrying about for -Wfatal-errors, but 
not for -fmax-errors.  If one wanted notes but only one error one could use 
-fmax-errors=1.  (not sure of the use case of -Wfatal-errors given 
-fmax-errors=1 seems to be nearly the same?)

Perhaps the -Wfatal-errors logic should remain unchanged?


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