[PATCH] Implement new hook for max_align_t_align

Jason Merrill jason@redhat.com
Tue Oct 11 18:51:00 GMT 2016

/* Alignment, in bits, a C conformant malloc implementation has to
   The HP-UX malloc implementation provides a default alignment of 8
   This can be increased with mallopt.  The glibc implementation also
   8-byte alignment.  Note that this isn't enough for various POSIX
types such
   as pthread_mutex_t.  However, since we no longer need the 16-byte
   for atomic operations, we ignore the nominal alignment specified
for these
   types.  The same is true for long double on 64-bit HP-UX.  */

If PA malloc doesn't actually provide 16-byte alignment, this change
seems problematic; it will mean any type that wants 16-byte alignment
will silently get 8-byte alignment instead.


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