Patch, Split powerpc -mfloat128 into 2 parts

Joseph Myers
Tue Oct 4 21:42:00 GMT 2016

On Tue, 4 Oct 2016, Michael Meissner wrote:

> It also changes __ibm128/__float128, and only registers the keywords if the
> long double type is not IBM extended double or IEEE 128-bit floating point
> respectively.  If the long double type matches one of those types, instead it
> will issue a #define {__ibm128,__float128} long double, and the user will
> always pick up the long double type.

_Float128, when it exists, is always a distinct type from long double even 
if they are ABI-compatible.  So if they are ABI-compatible, you would have 
__float128 the same as long double but different from _Float128, which 
seems confusing - are you doing it that way because of the lack of 
_Float128 in C++ means a simple define to _Float128 could only be used for 

Joseph S. Myers

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