[gomp4] update gfortran's tile clause error handling

Nathan Sidwell nathan@codesourcery.com
Mon Oct 3 14:35:00 GMT 2016

On 10/03/16 10:07, Cesar Philippidis wrote:

> Nathan, I haven't looked too deeply into your tile changes yet. Do you
> know of the fortran FE is doing anything wrong? I haven't checked if
> it's lowering the tile clause in the proper format yet.

thanks for working on this.  The problems I noticed (& fixed) in the C/c++ 
frontends were

1) map '*' onto integer_zero_node -- this makes my changes cleaner.

2) should only accept integer constant expressions (whatever the fortran 
equivalent of that is).  While runtime values could be made to work, the std 
doesn't require that, and it would perform quite badly due to the lack of 
constant folding

3) failing to parse nested loops correctly.  It only parsed the outermost loop 
as a parallel loop.  Tile in many ways looks like collapse

If those could be addressed that'd be great -- it doesn't need my tile WIP to do 

Nathan Sidwell

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