[PATCH, PR71602] Give error for invalid va_list argument to va_arg

Tom de Vries Tom_deVries@mentor.com
Thu Jun 23 10:27:00 GMT 2016


this patch fixes PR71602, a 6/7 regression.

Consider this test-case:
__builtin_va_list *pap;

fn1 (void)
  __builtin_va_arg(pap, double);

The testcase is invalid, because we're not passing a va_list as first 
argument of va_arg, but a va_list*.

When compiling for x86_64 -m64, we run into the second assert in this 
snippet from build_va_arg:
       /* Case 2b: va_list is pointer to array elem type.  */
       gcc_assert (POINTER_TYPE_P (va_type));
       gcc_assert (TREE_TYPE (va_type) == TREE_TYPE (canon_va_type));

       /* Don't take the address.  We've already got '&ap'.  */

At that point, va_type and canon_va_type are:
(gdb) call debug_generic_expr (va_type)
struct [1] *
(gdb) call debug_generic_expr (canon_va_type)
struct [1]

so TREE_TYPE (va_type) and TREE_TYPE (canon_va_type) are not equal:
(gdb) call debug_generic_expr (va_type.typed.type)
struct [1]
(gdb) call debug_generic_expr (canon_va_type.typed.type)

Given the semantics of the target hook:
Target Hook: tree TARGET_CANONICAL_VA_LIST_TYPE (tree type)

     This hook returns the va_list type of the calling convention 
specified by the type of type. If type is not a valid va_list type, it 
returns NULL_TREE.
one could argue that canonical_va_list_type should return NULL_TREE for 
a va_list*, which would fix the ICE. But the current implementation 
seems to rely on canonical_va_list_type to return va_list for a va_list* 

The patch fixes the ICE by making the valid va_list check in 
build_va_arg more precise, by taking into account the non-strict 
behavior of canonical_va_list_type.

Bootstrapped and reg-tested on x86_64 (-m64 and -m32).

OK for trunk?

- Tom
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