Implement C _FloatN, _FloatNx types

Tue Jun 21 15:17:00 GMT 2016

> Fortran note: I took the conservative approach of renaming the
> float128_type_node used in the Fortran front end, since I wasn't sure
> if it's safe to make the front end always use the language-independent
> node (which follows C rules - thus, being distinct from long double
> even if that has binary128 format).

In the Fortran front-end, float128_type_node is defined as the (expectedly unique) floating-point type for which mode_precision is equal to 128 but not equal to LONG_DOUBLE_TYPE_SIZE. That is, it is garanteed that float128_type_node is not long_double_type_node.

If fact, if there is a long double type with precision of 128, then float128_type_node is NULL.

Would that match the (new) C behavior? I think it does.


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