[PATCH,openacc] check for compatible loop parallelism with acc routine calls

Cesar Philippidis cesar@codesourcery.com
Thu Jun 16 03:12:00 GMT 2016

This patch addresses the following problems with acc routines:

 * incorrectly permitting 'acc seq' loops to call gang, worker and
   vector routines

 * lto-wrapper errors when a function or subroutine isn't marked as
   'acc routine'

The solution to the first problem is straightforward. It only required a
small change to oacc_loop_fixed_partitions. The solution to the second
problem is more involved, since it required changes to the fortran FE,
gimplifier, the behavior of flag_generate_offload, and libgomp.

Starting with the the fortran changes, this patch updates the way that
the fortran FE handles the 'acc routine' attribute in modules. Before,
it only recorded that a function was marked as an acc routine. With this
patch, it now records the level of parallelism the routine has. This is
necessary for the middle end to validate compatible parallelism between
the loop calling the routine and the routine itself.

The second set of changes involves teaching the gimplifier to error when
it detects a function call to an non-acc routines inside an OpenACC
offloaded region. Actually, I relaxed non-acc routines by excluding
calls to builtin functions, including those prefixed with _gfortran_.
Nvptx does have a newlib c library, and it also has a subset of
libgfortran. Still, this solution is probably not optimal.

Next, I had to modify the openacc header files in libgomp to mark
acc_on_device as an acc routine. Unfortunately, this meant that I had to
build the opeancc.mod module for gfortran with -fopenacc. But doing
that, caused caused gcc to stream offloaded code to the openacc.o object
file. So, I've updated the behavior of flag_generate_offload such that
minus one indicates that the user specified -foffload=disable, and that
will prevent gcc from streaming offloaded lto code. The alternative was
to hack libtool to build libgomp with -foffload=disable.

Is this patch OK for trunk?

There are still a couple of other quirks with routines we'll need to
address with a follow up patch. Namely, passing scalar dummy arguments
causes to subroutines trips up the nvptx worker and vector state
propagator if the actual argument is a local variable. That's because
the nvptx state propagator only forwards the pointer to the worker and
vector threads, and not the actual variable itself. Consequently, those
pointers dereference garbage. This is a problem with pass-by-reference
in general.


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