move increase_alignment from simple to regular ipa pass

Richard Biener
Wed Jun 1 13:07:00 GMT 2016

On Wed, 1 Jun 2016, Prathamesh Kulkarni wrote:

> Hi Richard,
> This patch tries to move increase_alignment pass from small to regular ipa pass.
> Does the patch look correct ?
> Since we are only increasing alignment of varpool nodes, I am not sure
> if any ipa
> read/write hooks were necessary and passed NULL for them.
> Cross-tested on arm*-*-*, aarch64*-*-*,
> Bootstrap+test on aarch64-linux-gnu in progress.

I think the patch looks sensible apart from the fact that both
flag_section_anchors and flag_tree_vectorize can have different
states for each function.  This would mean the pass should get
its own non-Optimization flag initialized by targets where
section anchors are usually used and it means you'd want to
walk IPA refs to see whether variables are used in a function
with both section anchors and vectorization enabled.

Honza may have further comments.


> Thanks,
> Prathamesh

Richard Biener <>
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