Suspicious code in fold-const.c

Bernd Schmidt
Fri Jan 22 17:21:00 GMT 2016

On 01/22/2016 02:37 PM, Andrew MacLeod wrote:
>          /* If the initializer is non-void, then it's a normal expression
>             that will be assigned to the slot.  */
> (*)      if (!VOID_TYPE_P (t))
>   (*)         return RECURSE (t);

> I suspect this should also be

The terminology in the documentation is somewhat unfortunate:

/* For TARGET_EXPR, operand 0 is the target of an initialization,
    operand 1 is the initializer for the target, which may be void
      if simply expanding it initializes the target.
    operand 2 is the cleanup for this node, if any.
    operand 3 is the saved initializer after this node has been
    expanded once; this is so we can re-expand the tree later.  */
DEFTREECODE (TARGET_EXPR, "target_expr", tcc_expression, 4)

I suspect that should read "which may have void type". Code in cp/tree.c 
also looks at the type of the initializer to see if it is void, so I 
think you are right with your suspicion.

So, I think your proposed change is OK (modulo formatting), but it may 
cause problems since it'll enable code that was never tested. Maybe best 
to do it for gcc-7. Ideally you'd also make a change cleaning up the 
wording in tree.def.


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