[PATCH][LRA]Don't generate reload for output scratch operand from reload instruction.

Renlin Li renlin.li@foss.arm.com
Fri Feb 26 12:54:00 GMT 2016

Hi all,

I admit that, the title looks a little bit confusing.

The situation is like this,
To make insn_1 strict, lra generates a new insn_1_reload insn.
In insn_1_reload, there is a scratch operand with this form
clobber (match_scratch:MODE x "=&r")

When lra tries to reload insn_1_reload in later iteration, a new pseudo
register (let say RXX) is created to replace this scratch operand in-place.
Additionally, a new insn will be generated and inserted after insn_1_reload to
finish the reload. It's in this form:
(set scratch, RXX)

And this instruction is illegal. no target implements this kind of pattern.
LRA will ICE because of this.
"internal compiler error: in lra_set_insn_recog_data, at lra.c:964"

And indeed, this pattern has no side-effect. The scratch operand should
stay inside the pattern.

Normally, at the very beginning of LRA reload, all scratch operands will be
replaced by newly created pseudo register. However, this is a problem when
generated reload insn has output scratch operand.

I have checked, x86, arm, aarch64, mips, arc all have such patterns. But it's
not triggered. In my case, it's triggered by compiling glibc with local change.

So a simple change is made in this patch. The output operand is reloaded only
when it's not a scratch operand and it's not unused since then.

aarch64-none-linux-gnu bootstrap and regression test OK.
x86_64-linux bootstrap and regression test OK.
OK for trunk?

Renlin Li


2016-02-26  Renlin Li<renlin.li@arm.com>

	* lra-constraints.c (curr_insn_transform): Don't generate reload for
	output scratch operand.

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