[PATCH 10/9] ENABLE_CHECKING refactoring: remove remaining occurrences

Pierre-Marie de Rodat derodat@adacore.com
Wed Feb 24 15:43:00 GMT 2016

On 02/24/2016 03:53 PM, Martin Liška wrote:
> On 02/24/2016 03:27 PM, Michael Matz wrote:
>> But nothing can set ENABLE_CHECKING anymore (the macro is meanwhile called
>> CHECKING_P), so all that code is dead anyway.  So either the new macro
>> should be used or that code should be removed.
> Good point, well the change is quite recent (12-2015). I'm adding
> the author of the code to make a decision about it.

Thanks for the heads up! That’s kind of funny: the check associated with 
this dw_loc_frame_offset field revealed a bug to us (at AdaCore) very 
recently, so I think we should keep it in one form or another.

This field takes one int slot in the dw_loc_descr_node structure, so I 
guess not having it in release mode is important (that’s what Jason said 
in <https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2015-11/msg02267.html>). Here’s 
what I think:

   * This field is used only in the resolve_args_picking graph traversal
     for a consistency check in already visited nodes.

   * resolve_args_picking has a hash set to remember the already visited

   * The consistency check itself has almost no runtime cost: we’re
     doing the graph traversal in release mode anyway.

So what about removing the field (in struct dw_loc_descr_node) and 
replacing the visited hash set with a frame_offset hash map (in 
resolve_args_picking)? This hash map would remember the information we 
currently store in the field.

This is a little change, but I can take care of this if you want. I’m a 
little bit desynchronized with the development pace these days: would 
this be for stage 4 or GCC 7?

Pierre-Marie de Rodat

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