better debug info for C++ cdtors, aliases, thunks and other trampolines

Alexandre Oliva
Wed Feb 24 04:08:00 GMT 2016

Hi, Richard,

Thanks for the feedback.  I'm afraid I can't quite figure out what
you're getting at.  Please see below.

On Feb 22, 2016, Richard Biener <> wrote:

> I think this breaks early-debug assumptions in creating new decl DIEs
> rather than just annotating old ones.

Can you elaborate on it, or point at where these assumptions you allude
to are documented?  I'm afraid I can't even tell whether the problem you
allude to has to do with users of the debug hooks interface or the
dwarf2out implementation thereof.

Sure enough, we haven't created DIEs for user-introduced or C++ cdtor
aliases before, so there are no DIEs for us to annotate, and there are
no other uses of the debug hooks interface related with them, that could
possibly interfere with them.

Conversely, alias decls for which we *have* created DIEs are ones that
cgraph turned into aliases; we do NOT want to pretend they're the same
function, and ideally we'd emit separate debug information for them, but
we can't retroactively figure out blocks, line numbers, variable
locations and whatnot for the unrelated function that happened to
optimize to the same executable code.  The best we can do for such
aliases ATM is to leave them alone; that's unchanged.

> So assemble_aliases is the wrong spot to do this.

Here, you seem to be talking about *users* of the debug hooks interface.
But then, I'd argue that the fact that debug info for aliases in
dwarf2out is implemented as DIEs is an internal implementation detail,
so why should assumptions made by the user side of the interface matter?

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