[PATCH] c/69540 - update documentation on -l

Arkadiusz Drabczyk arkadiusz@drabczyk.org
Tue Feb 2 20:40:00 GMT 2016

On 2016-02-02, Sandra Loosemore <sandra@codesourcery.com> wrote:
> I see that the documentation of -l does need to be updated to mention 
> .so files, but I think your patch doesn't go far enough.  It's already 
> confusing because that sentence says "The only difference is...", and 
> then mentions *two* things it does differently, and you're adding even 
> more things.
> Instead, I suggest dropping this confusing sentence entirely and putting 
> the new information a couple paragraphs higher up:
>> The linker searches a standard list of directories for the library,
>> which is actually a file named @file{lib@var{library}.a}. The linker
>> then uses this file as if it had been specified precisely by name.
> How about just changing that to read
> ...a file named @file{lib@var{library}.so}; or, if shared libraries are 
> not supported, are disabled via @option{-static}, or no @samp{.so} file 
> is found, @file{lib@var{library}.a}.

Nice, indeed, more readable than what I came up with plus info on
-static added.  Looks good to me.

Arkadiusz Drabczyk <arkadiusz@drabczyk.org>

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