[Patch, MIPS] Fix PR target/68273, passing args in wrong regs

Steve Ellcey sellcey@imgtec.com
Mon Feb 1 21:50:00 GMT 2016

On Sat, 2016-01-30 at 11:06 +0000, Richard Sandiford wrote:
> I'm not sure this patch is safe.  The received wisdom used to be that
> ABIs should be defined in terms of types, not modes, since types
> represent the source code while modes are an internal GCC concept
> that could change over time (although in practice the barrier for
> that is pretty high).
> The patch that introduced the line being patched was part of a series
> that fixed ABI incompatibilities with MIPSpro, and IIRC some of the
> incompatibilties really were due to us looking at modes when we should
> have been looking at types.

My main reason for looking at mode instead of type for non-aggregates
was because of argument promotion.  When I looked at a function with a
char argument, the type was char but the mode was SI.  Now I could still
use the alignment of char (1 byte) since it would get extended to 4
bytes in mips_function_arg_boundary by:

  if (alignment < PARM_BOUNDARY)
    alignment = PARM_BOUNDARY;

But it still seemed a bit 'wrong' to me.  Maybe something in the
front/middle ends should be updating the type to match any argument
promotion that is being done?

Steve Ellcey

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