[PATCH][mips] Add support for mips*r6-*-musl

Szabolcs Nagy szabolcs.nagy@arm.com
Wed Aug 24 19:16:00 GMT 2016

Add the musl dynamic linker names for mips r6.

It seems DRIVER_SELF_SPECS sets the default mips isa
(MIPS_DEFAULT_ISA_LEVEL_SPEC) on *-mti-linux* or *-mti-elf,
but not on gnu linux targets (see config/mips/mti-linux.h vs

Is that ok? It seems broken, but i didn't try to fix that.
If the toolchain is configured with mipsisa32r6-linux-musl
the dynlinker name is wrong unless one explicitly passes
-mips32r6 to gcc (same for the assembler and linker: they
don't get -mips32r6 by default).

2016-08-24  Szabolcs Nagy  <szabolcs.nagy@arm.com>

	* config/mips/linux.h (MUSL_DYNAMIC_LINKER32): Update.

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