Fwd: [PATCH] genmultilib: improve error reporting for MULTILIB_REUSE

Thomas Preudhomme thomas.preudhomme@foss.arm.com
Fri Aug 19 09:23:00 GMT 2016

On 18/08/16 17:39, Jeff Law wrote:
> On 08/10/2016 09:51 AM, Thomas Preudhomme wrote:
>> *** gcc/ChangeLog ***
>> 2016-08-01  Thomas Preud'homme  <thomas.preudhomme@arm.com>
>>         * doc/fragments.texi (MULTILIB_REUSE): Mention that only options in
>>         MULTILIB_OPTIONS should be used.  Small wording fixes.
>>         * genmultilib: Memorize set of all option combinations in
>>         combination_space.  Detect if RHS of MULTILIB_REUSE uses an
>> option not
>>         found in MULTILIB_OPTIONS by checking if option set is listed in
>>         combination_space.  Output new and existing error message to
>> stderr.
> [ snip ]
>> +A reuse rule is comprised of two parts connected by equality sign.  The left
>> +part is the option set used to build multilib and the right part is the option
>> +set that will reuse this multilib.  Both part should only use options specified
> "Both part" -> "Both parts" I think here.
> OK with that change.

Noted. I'm waiting for https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2016-08/msg00814.html 
before committing this or otherwise build using --with-multilib-list=aprofile 
would stop working.

Best regards,


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