[C++] Coding rule enforcement

Manuel López-Ibáñez lopezibanez@gmail.com
Wed Sep 16 16:36:00 GMT 2015

On 16/09/15 16:36, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> On 09/16/15 10:23, Jason Merrill wrote:
>> On 09/16/2015 08:02 AM, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
>>> +      else if (warn_multiple_inheritance)
>>> +    warning (OPT_Wmultiple_inheritance,
>>> +         "%qT defined with multiple direct bases", ref);
>> You don't need to guard the warning with a check of the warning flag; warning
>> will only give the warning if the option is enabled.
> hm, it didn't seem to be doing that.  Perhaps  I'd got something wrong ...looking

Perhaps because you misspelled Warning here?

+C++ ObjC++ Var(warn_multiple_inheritance) Warninng
+Warn on direct multiple inheritance

The awk scripts that parse the .opt files are not as smart as they could be.



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