[PATCH] vectorizing conditional expressions (PR tree-optimization/65947)

Alan Lawrence alan.lawrence@arm.com
Mon Sep 14 09:50:00 GMT 2015

On 11/09/15 14:19, Bill Schmidt wrote:
> A secondary concern for powerpc is that REDUC_MAX_EXPR produces a scalar
> that has to be broadcast back to a vector, and the best way to implement
> it for us already has the max value in all positions of a vector.  But
> that is something we should be able to fix with simplify-rtx in the back
> end.

Reading this thread again, this bit stands out as unaddressed. Yes PowerPC can 
"fix" this with simplify-rtx, but the vector cost model will not take this into 
account - it will think that the broadcast-back-to-a-vector requires an extra 
operation after the reduction, whereas in fact it will not.

Does that suggest we should have a new entry in vect_cost_for_stmt for 
vec_to_scalar-and-back-to-vector (that defaults to vec_to_scalar+scalar_to_vec, 
but on some architectures e.g. PowerPC would be the same as vec_to_scalar)?

(I agree that if that's the limit of how "different" conditional reductions may 
be between architectures, then we should not have a vec_cost_for_stmt for a 
whole conditional reduction.)

Cheers, Alan

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