[PATCH 2/2] shrink-wrap: Rewrite try_shrink_wrapping

Jiong Wang jiong.wang@arm.com
Thu Sep 10 15:42:00 GMT 2015

Segher Boessenkool writes:

> 2015-09-10  Segher Boessenkool  <segher@kernel.crashing.org>
>         * shrink-wrap.c (requires_stack_frame_p): Fix formatting.
>         (dup_block_and_redirect): Delete function.
>         (can_dup_for_shrink_wrapping): New function.
>         (fix_fake_fallthrough_edge): New function.
>         (try_shrink_wrapping): Rewrite function.
>         (convert_to_simple_return): Call fix_fake_fallthrough_edge.

I am interested in the impact on AArch64, but the patch attached can't
apply on trunk cleanly after I apply your [1/2], the .rej is quite big.


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