[PATCH][RTL-ifcvt] PR rtl-optimization/68506: Fix emitting order of insns in IF-THEN-JOIN case

Kyrill Tkachov kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com
Fri Nov 27 09:45:00 GMT 2015

On 26/11/15 16:54, Kyrill Tkachov wrote:
> On 26/11/15 16:49, Bernd Schmidt wrote:
>> On 11/26/2015 05:45 PM, Kyrill Tkachov wrote:
>>>          that doesn't help, punt.  */
>>> -  modified_in_a = emit_a != NULL_RTX && modified_in_p (orig_b, emit_a);
>>>     if (tmp_b && then_bb)
>>>       {
>> These bits I thought would be part of a followup patch (which would also guard against single_set problems), and as I mentioned I'd rather have a checking assert.
> Yes, you're right. I have the checking_assert statement in the followup that I've been testing.
> I'll move the deletion of these two statements there as well to minimise the changes to this patch.
> I'll move these bits to that patch, re-build cc1 and commit.

Here it is.
I'm committing this to trunk.


2015-11-26  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

     PR rtl-optimization/68506
     * ifcvt.c (noce_try_cmove_arith): Try emitting the else basic block
     first if emit_a exists or then_bb modifies 'b'.  Reindent if-else

2015-11-26  Kyrylo Tkachov  <kyrylo.tkachov@arm.com>

     PR rtl-optimization/68506
     * gcc.c-torture/execute/pr68506.c: New test.

> Thanks for your guidance,
> Kyrill
>> So take these deletions out and leave them for the followup, and the patch is ok everywhere. No need for a full retest given that practically the same patch has been tested already, just make sure you can build cc1.
>> Bernd

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