[Ada] Crash on illegal use of limited view of classwide type

Arnaud Charlet charlet@adacore.com
Wed Nov 18 10:32:00 GMT 2015

This patch fixes a compiler crash on an attempt to assign to a record component
whose type is the limited view of a classwide type.


   gcc -c c3a1004e.adb

must yield:

   c3a1004e.adb:9:07: invalid use of limited view of "Department'CLASS"

limited with C3A1004E;
package C3A1004D is -- Departments
   type Emp_Ptr is access all C3A1004E.Employee'Class;
   type Department is tagged private;

   subtype Dept_Name is String (1 .. 13);
   type T_List is array (Positive range <>) of Emp_Ptr;

   type Department is tagged record
      Id   : Dept_Name := "<<Dept_Name>>";
      List : T_List (1 .. 5);
      Tot  : Natural := 0;
      During_Mod : Boolean := False;
   end record;
end C3A1004D;
package C3A1004E.Stub_Data is
   type C3A1004D_Department_Class_Access is
       access all C3A1004D.Department'Class;

   type Stub_Data_Type_Assign_Employee_dacb0f_a2752f is record
      D : C3A1004D_Department_Class_Access;
   end record;
   Stub_Data_Assign_Employee_dacb0f_a2752f :

end C3A1004E.Stub_Data;
with C3A1004E.Stub_Data; use C3A1004E.Stub_Data;
--  with C3A1004D;    --  missing
package body C3A1004E
   procedure Assign_Employee
     (E : in out Employee;
      D : in out C3A1004D.Department'Class) is
      D := Stub_Data.Stub_Data_Assign_Employee_dacb0f_a2752f.D.all;
   end Assign_Employee;

end C3A1004E;
limited with C3A1004D;
package C3A1004E is -- Employees
   type Dept_Ptr is access all C3A1004D.Department'Class;
   type Employee is tagged private;

   type Emp_Ptr is access all Employee'Class; -- used by function 'hire'

   procedure Assign_Employee
     (E : in out Employee;
      D : in out C3A1004D.Department'Class);

   type Employee is tagged record
      Dept : Dept_Ptr;
      Id   : access String;
      During_Mod : Boolean := False;
   end record;
end C3A1004E;

Tested on x86_64-pc-linux-gnu, committed on trunk

2015-11-18  Ed Schonberg  <schonberg@adacore.com>

	* sem_ch5.adb (Analyze_Assignment): Diagnose assignment where
	left-hand side has a limited view of a class-wide type.
	* sem_ch6.adb (Detected_And_Exchange): Do not install a non-limited
	view if the scope of the type of the formal is visible through
	a limited_with_clause, even if the non-limited view is available.

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Index: sem_ch5.adb
--- sem_ch5.adb	(revision 230522)
+++ sem_ch5.adb	(working copy)
@@ -506,6 +506,15 @@
          Ghost_Mode := Save_Ghost_Mode;
+      --  A class-wide type may be a limited view. This illegal case is not
+      --  caught by previous checks.
+      elsif Ekind (T1) = E_Class_Wide_Type
+        and then From_Limited_With (T1)
+      then
+         Error_Msg_NE ("invalid use of limited view of&", Lhs, T1);
+         return;
       --  Enforce RM 3.9.3 (8): the target of an assignment operation cannot be
       --  abstract. This is only checked when the assignment Comes_From_Source,
       --  because in some cases the expander generates such assignments (such
Index: sem_ch6.adb
--- sem_ch6.adb	(revision 230526)
+++ sem_ch6.adb	(working copy)
@@ -2786,7 +2786,10 @@
          procedure Detect_And_Exchange (Id : Entity_Id);
          --  Determine whether Id's type denotes an incomplete type associated
          --  with a limited with clause and exchange the limited view with the
-         --  non-limited one when available.
+         --  non-limited one when available. Note that the non-limited view
+         --  may exist because of a with_clause in another unit in the context,
+         --  but cannot be used because the current view of the enclosing unit
+         --  is still a limited view.
          -- Detect_And_Exchange --
@@ -2795,7 +2798,10 @@
          procedure Detect_And_Exchange (Id : Entity_Id) is
             Typ : constant Entity_Id := Etype (Id);
-            if From_Limited_With (Typ) and then Has_Non_Limited_View (Typ) then
+            if From_Limited_With (Typ)
+              and then Has_Non_Limited_View (Typ)
+              and then not From_Limited_With (Scope (Typ))
+            then
                Set_Etype (Id, Non_Limited_View (Typ));
             end if;
          end Detect_And_Exchange;

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