[PATCH] fix c++/68308 - [6 Regression] ICE: tree check: expected integer_cst

Martin Sebor msebor@gmail.com
Tue Nov 17 18:06:00 GMT 2015

Attached is a patch fixing the ICE caused by a prior change of mine:


Tested on x86_64, committing to trunk as per Jason via IRC.


2015-11-17  Martin Sebor  <msebor@redhat.com>

	PR c++/68308
	* cp/init.c (build_new_1): Check for expression constness
	the right way.

2015-11-17  Martin Sebor  <msebor@redhat.com>

	PR c++/68308
	* g++.dg/init/new46.C: New test.

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