[Patch AArch64] Add support for Cortex-A35

James Greenhalgh james.greenhalgh@arm.com
Mon Nov 16 14:37:00 GMT 2015


This patch adds support to the AArch64 back-end for the Cortex-A35
processor, as recently announced by ARM. The ARM Cortex-A35 provides
full support for the ARMv8-A architecture, including the CRC extension,
with optional Advanced-SIMD and Floating-Point support. We therefore set
feature flags for this CPU to AARCH64_FL_FOR_ARCH8 and AARCH64_FL_CRC, in
the same fashion as Cortex-A53 and Cortex-A57. While the Cortex-A35
supports dual-issue, we model it as single issue with the expectation that
this will give better schedules when sharing the Cortex-A53 pipeline model.

Bootstrapped with --with-cpu=cortex-a35 with no issues.

I'm sorry to have got this upstream a little late for the end of Stage 1,
but if it is OK with the AArch64 maintainers I'd like to get it in for
GCC 6.



2015-11-16  James Greenhalgh  <james.greenhalgh@arm.com>

	* config/aarch64/aarch64-cores.def (cortex-a35): New.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64.c (cortexa35_tunings): New.
	* config/aarch64/aarch64-tune.md: Regenerate.
	* doc/invoke.texi (-mcpu): Add Cortex-A35

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