[gomp4] Fix some broken tests

Cesar Philippidis cesar@codesourcery.com
Wed Nov 11 14:50:00 GMT 2015

On 11/11/2015 05:40 AM, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> On 11/10/15 18:08, Cesar Philippidis wrote:
>> On 11/10/2015 12:35 PM, Nathan Sidwell wrote:
>>> I've committed this to  gomp4.  In preparing the reworked firstprivate
>>> patch changes for gomp4's gimplify.c I discovered these testcases were
>>> passing by accident, and lacked a data clause.
>> It used to be if a reduction was on a parallel construct, the gimplifier
>> would introduce a pcopy clause for the reduction variable if it was not
>> associated with any data clause. Is that not the case anymore?
> AFAICT, the std doesn't specify that behaviour.   2.6 'Data Environment'
> doesn't mention reductions as a modifier for implicitly determined data
> attributes.

I guess I was confused because the reduction section in 2.5.11 mentions
something about updating the original reduction variable after the
parallel region.


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