[gomp4, committed, 4/9] Revert "Add pass_dominator::sese_mode_p ()"

Tom de Vries Tom_deVries@mentor.com
Thu Nov 5 10:50:00 GMT 2015

On 05/11/15 11:16, Tom de Vries wrote:
> Hi,
> now that we have committed -foffload-alias in gomp-4_0-branch (
> https://gcc.gnu.org/ml/gcc-patches/2015-11/msg00214.html ), we no longer
> need the kernels region to be a part of the original function when doing
> alias analysis.
> So, we no longer have the need to postpone splitting off the kernels
> region into a seperate function until after alias analysis, but we can
> do this at the same time as when we expand the parallel region.
> The following patch series implements that:
>       1    Move expansion of kernels region back to first omp-expand
>       2    Update gate_oacc_kernels to handle oacc function
>       3    Revert "Add skip_stmt parm to pass_dominator::get_sese ()"
>       4    Revert "Add pass_dominator::sese_mode_p ()"
>       5    Handle oacc function in parloops
>       6    Update goacc kernels C testcases
>       7    Update goacc kernels Fortran testcases
>       8    Release_defs in expand_omp_atomic_fetch_op
> [ The patch series is broken up into logical bits, but intended as
> single commit. Various things in kernels support will be broken in
> intermediate stages. ]
> Committed to gomp-4_0-branch.
> I'll post the patches in reply to this message.

We needed the sese_mode_p functionality in the dominators pass to limit 
optimization scope to kernels regions. Now we no longer encounter 
kernels region in the kernels pass group, but split-off function that 
used to be  kernels region. So we no longer need this functionality.

This patch reverts the sese_mode_p functionality.

- Tom
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