[openacc] tile, independent, default, private and firstprivate support in c/++

Cesar Philippidis cesar@codesourcery.com
Tue Nov 3 22:17:00 GMT 2015

This patch does the following to the c and c++ front ends:

 * parsing support for the tile, independent, default (none),
   private and firstprivate clauses in c and c++

 * updates c_oacc_split_loop_clauses to filter out the loop clauses
   from combined parallel/kernels loops

The c front end already had some support for private and firstprivate in
openacc. However, the c++ front end wasn't associating any of those
clauses with parallel, kernels or acc loops.

For reference, here's the grammar for the tile clause from section 2.7
in version 2.0a of the openacc spec:

    tile( size-expr-list )

  where size-expr is one of:


That '*' symbol complicated the parsing a little, since it's no longer a
primary expression.

I've bootstrapped and regression tested this on x86_64. Is this ok for


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