[PATCH 3/7] [D] libiberty: Include type modifiers in demangled function symbols

Iain Buclaw ibuclaw@gdcproject.org
Wed May 13 08:51:00 GMT 2015

Like C++ const and volatile, in D mangled symbols can exist modifiers
that represent the const, immutable, inout and shared-ness of the
'this' parameter.

This information should be written out in the demangled symbol to show
that each variant has a unique identity.


2015-05-13 Iain Buclaw  <ibuclaw@gdcproject.org>
    * d-demangle.c (dlang_type_modifiers): New function.
    (dlang_type_modifier_p): New function.
    (dlang_call_convention_p): Ignore any kind of type modifier.
    (dlang_type): Handle and emit the type modifier after delegate types.
    (dlang_parse_symbol): Handle and emit the type modifier after the symbol.
    * testsuite/d-demangle-expected: Add coverage tests for all valid
    usages of function symbols with type modifiers.
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