[Patch AArch64] Fix extended register width

Marcus Shawcroft marcus.shawcroft@gmail.com
Tue Sep 30 12:57:00 GMT 2014

On 22 September 2014 19:41, Carrot Wei <carrot@google.com> wrote:
> Hi
> The extended register width in add/adds/sub/subs/cmp instructions is
> not always the same as target register, it depends on both target
> register width and extension type. But in current implementation the
> extended register width is always the same as target register. We have
> noticed it can generate following wrong assembler code when compiled
> an internal application,
> add     x2, x20, x0, sxtw 3
> The correct assembler should be
> add     x2, x20, w0, sxtw 3


The assembler deliberately accepts the first form as a programmer
convenience.  Given the above example:

AARCH64 GAS  x.s page 1

   1 0000 82CE20AB        adds    x2, x20, x0, sxtw 3
   2 0004 82CE20AB        adds    x2, x20, w0, sxtw 3

Note both forms are correctly assembled.  The GAS implementation
contains code at (or near) tc-aarch64.c:5461 that specifically catches
the former.

... therefore I see no need to change the behaviour of gcc.


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